Writing and Proofreading Services

Hi! I am a writer and proofreader who wants to help you create high quality content. Whether you are looking for blog content, a guest post, help writing a newsletter, or any other project you can think up, I can help you make it the best it can be!

My current projects include:

Prep Dig: Content writer for Wisconsin. I interview teams and coaches, write articles, and develop new ideas for the site.

Egyptoria: Writer and social media manager for Egyptoria, an Egyptian travel company.

The Mighty: Contributor on the Mighty, a mainstream mental health website.

Thurston Howl Publications: Proofreader and Beta Reader.

The Pet Zone: Writer

Woodworking for Mere Mortals: Blogger and writer

Wisconsin Bike Fed: Magazine Proofreader

If you think I would be a good fit for your company, blog, or anything in between, please contact me at Rachel@mymultifacetedlife.com. I look forward to meeting you!


“It’s been a pleasure working with Rachel since she joined the Prep Dig team the spring of 2018. She’s been professional and pleasant in her communication and timely in her responses. She cares about the quality of her work and represents our organization very well. The consistent quality she displays in her work is an asset to us, as is her knowledge and passion for the game of volleyball. We’re excited to keep Rachel around in some capacity for as long as Prep Dig is in Wisconsin.”

— Jared Nelson, Communications Manager at Prep Network

“Rachel proofread my coming of age novel and did a wonderful job. She has a very sharp eye, understood immediately what I was after, and gave the draft exactly the attention to detail it needed to reach the next level before being seen by the world. I’m extremely grateful for the work she did and would happily go back and recommend her to others.”

– Scott Burn, Author


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