Free Mental Health Planner

This FREE mental health planner is meant for YOU to use to help improve your mental health. Keep that in mind as you flip through the pages. You do not have to use all of them, but you are more than welcome to! Find what works best for you and use it. This is about YOUR mental health.

The pages you will receive in the planner are described below!

Brain Dump: Sometimes ideas and thoughts just bounce around in your head and have no way out. Utilize this page to just dump everything out. Rational or irrational thoughts, worries, what-if’s, to do lists, stories, ANYTHING jumping around in your brain. Get it on paper to give yourself a break. Don’t worry about keeping it organized just get it out. If you want, you can always organize later. Print out a couple of these and use them as needed.

Sleep Log: The sleep log is your chance to track your sleep on a weekly basis. If you have trouble sleeping, try new things and see how they effect how much sleep you get as well as the quality of sleep.

Gratitude Journal: Fill in the rays of sunshine with people, experiences, or thoughts you are grateful for. Create a beautiful sun of gratitude. When you are done, either keep filling in around the sun without lines and fill up the page, or print another and start anew.

Weekly I Did List: Instead of looking at a to-do list and feeling overwhelmed, write down everything you DID this week. Whether it is as simple as getting out of bed, showering, or making it to work everyday or as complex as tracking workouts, job applications, or assignments submitted, you can use this to show just how much you actually do every day!

Inside Cat: One of the greatest tools I used was tracking my Inside Cat which basically means, everyday I evaluate how I feel and what kind of day it was. Then I use the color that correlates with the feeling and fill in the box for that day. First, assign colors to each of the feelings, and you can even add more if you want. Then each day, reflect on what you felt most that day, from agitated to goofy and color in the box for that day. You may see a pattern and better be able to understand your mental health. Fill in the months at the top so you can start whenever you download this planner!

Medication Tracker: Use this to keep track of your medications, dosages, and side effects along with information for your pharmacy.

I hope you enjoy my FREE Mental Health Planner! If you would like to request new pages to be added to the planner, I am always looking for ideas! Please comment below or contact me at

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