About Me

I am currently OBSESSED with this quote. Why? Because it is true! 

I am an engineer turned blogger and mental health advocate after a traumatizing accident that left me anxious, depressed, and diagnosed with PTSD. Life has been full of ups and downs. Struggling through mental illness, college, a 9 to 5 job in the engineering world. And then I decided to make a change. I quite my job and took up blogging and freelance writing full time. Very risky, but I wasn’t healthy at the time. I was miserable, depressed to the point of not being able to leave bed. Something had to change and it had to be big.

Since then I have changed my life. I am healthier and my mental health is much more stable. AND I AM FOLLOWING MY DREAMS. Even during the latest nights and most stressful days I love what I am doing every single second.

My goal? To help people through my writing. Whether it be through mental health, on their blogs, or with their pets. If each of my posts can impact a single person in a positive way, then I have fulfilled my dreams.

I am a proud fur-mom of a dog, three cats, and an axolotl who are the center of my world (my husband is in there too I guess 😉 ). My passions include playing volleyball, coaching volleyball (pretty much anything volleyball related), running, reading, traveling, and, of course, writing.

I would love if you shared your story with me! Feel free to contact me at rachel@mymultifacetedlife.com

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