Books I Read in April and May 2018

I feel like April (and May) came and went in a flash! I somehow managed to read 18 books (I left 2 out of this post) in that time period (don’t ask me how!). It was a crazy time with a lot of travel, some new clients for my writing and proofreading businesses, and some great family time. Luckily, with all of the work, and seeming nonstop lifestyle of the last two months, books kept me grounded and kept my anxiety and depression from going haywire! Thank gosh for books! Without further ado, here is the list — beware, it is jam packed!

Turtles All the Way Down By: John Green (3 Stars): While not as good as TFIOS (in my opinion) this book was still enjoyable and a nice quick read. Perfect for summer when you are relaxing and just want a good story and not a lot of deep thinking.

Here I Am By: Jonathan Safron Foer (3.5 Stars): This book was DENSE. I enjoyed it as it seemed to be about everything and nothing at the same time. It explored family, love, dedication, heritage, and culture and is focused upon one young man’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah celebration.


806 By: Cynthia Well (3 Stars): This is a newer book! (Thank you to Netgalley and Tanglewood Press for the ARC). 806 is a young adult fiction book with superb character development and an interesting story. Similar to Turtles All the Way Down, 806 is a great summer read and a book you will fly through.


 Other Peoples’ Houses By: Abbi Waman (4 Stars): If you have ever had a neighbor (and I assume you have) you will know the curiosity that comes with them. This book tackles that exact topic. What really happens in your neighbors’ houses? This awesome work of fiction has a strong plot and it is quite entertaining to say the least!


Sing, Unburied, Sing By: Jesmyn Ward (3 Stars): There were some parts of this book I loved, and some I hated (hence the 3 star review). The writing was amazing: beautiful and honest.



People Who Eat Darkness By: Richard Lloyd Parry (5 Stars): This is an amazing work of journalism by Richard Lloyd Parry. He was a journalist covering the Lucie Blackman case in Japan as it was happening, then wrote an extensive book on the topic. His writing is captivating. Despite the length and density of this book (definitely not a light summer read) this book blew me away.


 Fierce By: Aly Raisman (4 Stars): Aly is an awesome person with a great heart. She is an athlete that so many individuals look up to and she proves why in this book. Her heart, passion, and many many struggles have lead her to be the person she is. Many of her life challenges are extremely relatable and this a very enjoyable book.


 Since We Fell By: Dennis Lehane (4 Stars): What is amazing about this book is the characters are flawed, the feelings genuine, and the writing awesome. The plot literally unravels like a spool of thread. slow and calculated at first, then quick and unruly. This is a great book with an awesome interweaving of characters and stories.


Wonder By: R.J. Palacio (5 Stars): I know I am very behind on reading this book, but man am I glad I caught up! This was an adorable middle aged book that made my heart sing. The writing is awesome and age appropriate and the book will suck you in no matter what age you are.


The Hopefuls By: Jennifer Close (4 Stars): This is a great New Adult fiction book and really hit home with me as the main characters were right around my age (late 20s-early 30s) and going through big life changes. They are full functioning adults that make mistakes and are very relatable to the all the new adults out there!


 The Oracle Year By: Charles Soule (4 Stars): There are some books in life that you know how much thought and complexity went into the plot line yet the writing itself seems effortless. This is one of those books. Kind of like watching Olympic athletes. You know they have been working day in and day out for their entire lives but then when they get to the world’s biggest stage, they perform seemingly effortlessly. This work of fiction was unique, but it also tackled major issues like international relations and how quickly information travels on the internet.

 Children of Blood and Bone By: Tony Adeyemi (5 Stars): If you haven’t heard of this book, you need to pick it up now. It is truly phenomenal. It is a young adult fantasy book and yet its impact and statement on our world is strong and undeniable. This is a great read for everyone and a must read book for this summer.


 Subterranean By: James Rollins (4 Stars): I am a big fan of James Rollins. He reminds me of Michael Crichton but has more of a focus on the history and science of his settings. While his science is not realistic, it is logical within the confines of his writing. The detail he writes with and the settings where he builds his stories are fascinating and keep you wanting more.


 How to Walk Away By: Katherine Center (5 Stars): A book that literally everyone can enjoy. No matter where you are in life you can take something from Katherine Center’s amazing book. It is a fairly quick and easy read, but it will stay with you forever. Anyone who has every gone through a tough time or a tragic accident (which is all of you I can almost guarantee) will be inspired by the main character, Maggie’s, strength, struggle, and ultimate perseverance through life.

 Crazy Rich Asians By: Kevin Kwan (5 Stars): This book was hilarious and well thought out. Kevin Kwan has a unique and personality driven writing style that just kept me wanting more. I like how some of his characters developed, some developed but at different rates, and some stayed static, just like in life. This is a thoroughly enjoyable book.


 Shotgun Lovesongs By: Nickolas Butler (4 Stars): Nickolas Butler is a very real writer. He captures and conveys human emotion in a way not many people can. This book is set in rural Wisconsin which means I was quickly attached to it.

I hope you found a new book (or a few) to read in this list! Feel free to send me book recommendations or any books you have enjoyed recently!

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