A Guide To Saint Louis Breweries

Saint Louis is an amazing hub of activity. Located right in the middle of the country it is a city known to hold a plethora of athletic competitions, conferences, and conventions. With two major universities within the city limits (Saint Louis University and Washington University) there is also a vibrant culture  of “emerging adults,” the new term describing those who have graduated college (or high school) and entered the work force but have not settled down to have families yet.

This conglomeration of people makes it the perfect city for breweries. Anheuser Busch is housed there, making the city no stranger to the beer industry! Needless to say, breweries have blossomed there, and I have had the chance to visit quite a few of them! Here is my run down of breweries to visit!

Anheuser Busch: Can’t skip over the big one, so let’s discuss it first! Even for you beer snobs out there (trust me, I am married to one), these breweries made it to the top and it is pretty cool seeing the history and future of brewing within their walls. They have an awesome (and free) tour which usually has a stop in the stables to see the Clydesdale horses they are famous for! Sometimes they even bring them out to pet and get pictures with. The rich beer history and awesome experience of being at Anheuser Busch is one that you cannot miss.

4 Hands Brewing Company: This is an awesome brewery with a great selection of beers. The tap room is warm and friendly. They type of place you would want to sit down with some friends and enjoy a beer, any time of year. The amazingly wide range of types of beers is one of the best reasons to visit this brewery. The best part? They are all awesome! So no matter what type of beer drinker you have in your group, they will find something they enjoy!

Earthbound Brewing: Don’t let the newness of this brewery or its location make you turn away. It is in an up and coming area of Saint Louis, and honestly, it doesn’t look like much from the outside. But once you walk in you would never know it was anything else than a modern brewery. In fact, the interior is amazing, modern yet with a rich history. If you look up the brewery you will see that it has completely restored the space which used to house Cherokee Brewing in the 19th Century. They are working on restoring the old giant stock house, complete with arches and an insane amount of cool history. This brewery literally just opened in this new space in September 2017! The beer is great, but does not have as wide of a range as 4 Hands.

Civil Life Brewing Company: This was a fun brewery! Reminiscent of a German Beer Hall with long, communal tables and benches. The beer list is long and delicious, with beers ranging from wheat to porters. These are very European style beers, yet are unique at the same time. There are games to play in the back including trying to hook a ring on a bulls horn and darts. The atmosphere is very relaxed and fun. The staff was very nice and gave great recommendations!

Urban Chestnut: If you are looking for a good time, hit up Urban Chestnut. It is a HUGE brewery in what I presume was an old warehouse. The interior is clean and simple, but modern. The beer is good. The environment is very lively and they have a ton of stuff to do like darts and other games. They have both classically brewed beers and much more modern ones giving any beer nerd quite the number of options. Great Beer + Great Environment = This is the place to be!

Heavy Riff Brewing Company: These guys make some darn good beer. The tap room is what you would expect, nothing special, but not bad either. This brewery is located in Dogtown, a really cool area of town and is right next to an AMAZING pizza place, Felix’s. Enjoy an evening of great beer and food right on the same corner.

These are just the breweries I have personally visited! Needless to say I will be continuing to visit Saint Louis and their breweries in the future! Some on the list include Schlafly and Perennial!

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