The Ultimate Millennial Gift Guide

Do you have a millennial in your life that you are struggling to shop for? Look no further. This is the ultimate gift list broken down by personality! Most of these gifts would be amazing for non-millennials as well!

For the Book Nerd (or aspiring book nerd)

    1. Book of the Month is one of the best investments I ever made! They offer 5 books every month for  you to choose from so you always get a book you love. It is a monthly subscription box that costs $10, which is amazing as all of the books are new releases that cost at least $15 anywhere else. From contemporary fiction to thrillers and science fiction, the book selection is AMAZING.
    2. Sometimes you have to go classic, and there is nothing better than a beautiful set of their favorite classic books to spruce up their book shelves. This Puffin In Bloom collection is beautiful, affordable, and stocked with some amazing books.
    3. The Kindle Paperwhite. Hands down the best gift you could give a millennial book lover. Most people agree that physical books are preferable BUT the efficiency of a Kindle cannot be competed with. You can travel with thousands of books in this amazing and hardy device. Ebooks have come a long way and you can now rent library books to Kindles as well as purchase books. So even those who don’t like purchasing every book will be at ease. Amazon recently released a waterproof Kindle, the Kindle Oasis which is amazing in and of itself, but is definitely more expensive.
    4. This super cute ceramic succulent planter is completely adorable and is shaped like stacked books! The perfect addition to any coffee table or book shelf.


For the Philanthropist

Many millennials are very aware of the impact their actions have on the world and love helping wherever they can. Pura Vida Bracelets is an amazing company with and even cooler history. Each bracelet is handmade by a local artisans from around the world. The company helps small and poor communities through bracelet making. HOW COOL. On top of that they have an amazing Charities collection from which you can choose a cause to support through purchasing the respective bracelet. From animal welfare to mental illness and chronic illness support to environmental causes, education, and military charities. You will be able to find a beautiful and meaningful gift for everyone on your list.


For the Fashionista: 

  1. An Ipsy subscription is an awesome gift to give! Every month they will get a cute bag and 5 makeup/health products right to their door. It is a great way to try new products without breaking the bank.
  2. Who ever thought Polaroids would make a comeback? Well they have! So have small travel printers. Check out this awesome Polaroid.  Thinking an actual camera is not their thing? Well this mobile printer will definitely get them pumped!
  3. These candles take modern and fashion to a whole new level. They are soy candles encased in a concrete base. A unique twist on a fairly common gift!

For Cool Nerds and Geeks

  1. This KICK ASS spice and oil holder that will have chemistry and science lovers freaking out! Seriously how cool is that though?
  2. Quip: Touted as the Tesla of Toothbrushes, this is a sleek and awesome toothbrush that Dan and I have invested in! It is small, and they automatically send you replacement heads every three months (which you can opt out of).  You can get $5 off of your order by using my link! The toothbrush looks like something out of sci-fi movies yet it is very simplistic at the same time.
  3. Space socks. OK now these are just neat. Dan gave them to all of his groomsmen as a gift and they were a hit! A great addition to a gift or stocking stuffer.

For Someone Always On the Move:

  1. Bento Boxes are all the rage right now. They are compact, functional, and seal making it easy to tote around a full meal without food mixing. This is great for someone who is always on the go for work or just life in general!
  2. This may be weird but I swear it will be appreciated. A small, retractable, and reusable lint roller! Perfect for travel, or just keeping in your car, desk or purse! This is a thoughtful and extremely functional gift that will go far.
  3. This is about to blow your mind! A MINI ESPRESSO MACHINE! WHAT?!?!?! I wish my keyboard had emoji’s right now because there would be so many of them. I can’t believe this is actually a thing (and one with extremely high ratings!).


For the Adventurer

    1. The Trakdot luggage tracker is revolutionizing travel, giving you real time locations of your luggage right to your phone. Stick it in your suitcase and it does the rest of the work. This will help eliminate lost luggage and let you know where your luggage is and if it has arrived with you on your flight.
    2. A luggage scale is very useful and often overlooked! For someone who flies a lot this is a must have.
    3. This amazing makeup bag! It is drawstring and can fit all of your favorite travelers makeup and toiletries.

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