Revamp Your Living Space by 2018

I have decided to take on a home project and I want to share it with you.

The other day I looked around our house and I realized that many of the pictures in our house are over five years old. We have gotten a dog, bought a house, adopted a cat, and gotten married in that time.

So, I am going to revamp our living space!

Here is how I am going to do it:

  1. Take stock of all decorations in our home: photos, wall art, coffee table books, etc.
  2. Get rid of items we don’t need: old pictures, old or broken frames, outdated art or art you have fallen out of love with.
  3. Decide what you want to replace: maybe your coffee table looks really awesome without anything on it or maybe your wall of pictures looks less crowded now that you took a few down. Sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating!
  4. Update picture frames you kept and purchase new ones if necessary.  I am going to do a mix of updating pictures in frames I like and possibly ordering a canvas print as well. I love canvas because it looks crisp and can make a wall pop or room pop!
  5. Update decor! This part is fun! I have been browsing Amazon for awhile getting pumped about new decor and awesome frames and such! (also possibly adding them to my Christmas list). The great thing about decorating is it can be simple or elegant and as long as you love the way your home is, it is perfect!

I love to take pride in my home so I am really excited to get some new decorations up! I have added links to some items I either have or plan on getting (or just think are cool) below –> Just click the picture!.

I am an affiliate with Amazon so if you purchase something through my links I may get a small amount of money, though it does not cost you anything extra.

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