Stop Blaming Mental Health for Every Mass Shooting

Woke up this morning to Donald Trump saying that the mass shooting in TX yesterday is a mental health issue, not a gun control issue.

As someone with mental illness this got my blood boiling because while mental illness probably played a role in the shooting it is NOT the only issue at hand here.


Affordable Treatment for Mental Illness IS AN ISSUE

Mass Shootings in and of themselves ARE AN ISSUE

Whatever happened in this guys life to lead him to commit such an atrocious act IS AN ISSUE

And there are so many other issues that I don’t even know about!

The fact that people use mental illness as a blanket to cover up the numerous other issues at hand here is NOT OK and it leads to all other causes being buried. As a country and as a community we cannot honestly discuss or tackle this awful trend of mass shootings if we don’t strip all of the possible issues down to the studs and work our way back up (easier said than done, I know).

There are millions upon millions of people living with mental illness in the United States who are not shooting up churches or schools or concerts or anything else.

There are also millions of responsible gun owners who are not walking into public places and killing dozens of people.

So don’t blame it only on mental illness. That is just stunting any possible forward movement on what, quite frankly, should be a top priority discussion for both government and communities.

Stop blanket blaming mental illness.

Start opening up discussion on every single issue we know of that could have been a factor in this tragedy INCLUDING GUN CONTROL AND HEALTHCARE.



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2 thoughts on “Stop Blaming Mental Health for Every Mass Shooting”

  1. Hi Rachel,
    You bring up an awesome topic and I like your views. The confusion is the concept of causation vs. correlation. In this case there are probably thousands of correlations, but the definitive causation is that he wanted to do it. There is a simple test for causation, this test is “does it always”. If I were to say that he did the shooting because he was kicked out of the church, the test would prove that others have been kicked out of a church without this terrible result, therefore this is simply a correlation. As is guns, a lot of churches would be shot-up if it’s the guns. Mental health, same thing, there are a lot of people with MH conditions that have not mass murdered innocents. The true question would be what events, in his life (correlations), combined to give this man this want? If we reserved judgement until after we know, understanding may come with some level of empathy. I could go on and on, this is a fascinating topic and concept.

  2. I would like to present the idea that the root cause of mass shootings is in fact a combination of disconnection and separation.

    Disconnection = “the state of being isolated or detached”

    Separation = “the action or state of moving or being moved apart”

    Those of us who have had personal experiences with various mental health conditions can likely identify with these concepts of disconnection and separation in a multitude of ways and for many reasons. BUT the key here is that people can be disconnected and separated without the occurrence of mental illness.

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