My Kindle Conversion

Book nerds out there, take a deep breath. I am about to become a traitor in your world.

I have converted to reading on my Kindle almost exclusively.

Glad I got that off of my chest.

It was a slow conversion. I got a Kindle after I took a service trip to Guatemala and not only packed more space/weight in books than I did clothes or tools, but also broke my bag from the weight of books I was trying to take. I mean a three week trip for a book nerd requires a lot of books. Thing is, I read every book I took, and even had to buy more books in the airport coming home.

Enter Kindle. A magical device whose battery lasts weeks, holds more books than you could ever read in a lifetime, and is easy to read (it even has a gentle and adjustable back light).

Though there are some major downsides to the Kindle: no new book smell, no crack of the spine as you are opening a book for the first time, no beautiful colorful covers, and no wandering book stores for hours looking for the perfect addition to your library. Just thinking of these experiences make my book nerd neurons fire on full throttle.

But for all of those downsides, there is one major benefit: efficiency.

As someone who hops coffee shops as a job (yay blogging), travels a lot for work and volunteering, and just always needs to have a book on me in case I have a chance to read, Kindle is the perfect solution to all of my book hauling woes.

My favorite things to do with my Kindle:

  1. curl up on the couch with my dog
  2. work out! (with the ability to change font size I can make it big and be able to read while I am running on a treadmill)
  3. read when Dan is sleeping
  4. travel and sit by the pool
  5. relax at a coffee shop

Now, I do still read (and buy) physical books. I could never give them up entirely. The balance has only recently shifted from majority physical books to digital books. Trust me, I am as surprised as you are. But man have I seen a jump in my reading, because I always have a book on me!

I know I won’t convince all of you to convert to Kindle. That would be absurd, but seriously, at least give it a glance because for me, the benefits continue to outweigh the negatives.

As always my book nerds, support authors, support your local library, and spread the reading love!

If you are interested in a Kindle, I highly recommend the Kindle Paperwhite. This is the Kindle I have and it has fueled my Kindle conversion. Today is the release of the NEW KINDLE OASIS which is the first waterproof Kindle! So if you travel a lot or love taking baths, this is definitely the Kindle for you.

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