How A Small Blog Can Have A Big Impact

If you have a small blog, then you know the challenges of building a readership, finding followers, and the chaos of the nuts and bolts that go into running a blog. I have become frustrated at times and elated at others. I have worked well into the night on my blog, perfecting my social media and marketing plan, writing posts, proofreading, creating graphics, and trying to stay on top of the ever evolving world of blogging.  And, I have loved literally every second of it. But I want you to forget all of that for a minute.

There is a reason you got into blogging. Was it a creative outlet? Did you want to connect with people through your passions and help them with your experience? Whatever the reason is, you are now working toward that goal every single day. Whether you are a small blog by choice or a small blog because you are fairly new to the blogging world, your readership is probably small but extremely dedicated.

What I have found is that if you look at the people themselves that are reading your blog, your small blog actually has a huge impact. I am not talking about statistics or bounce rates or time spent per visit on your blog. I am talking about the people you impact with every single post that you publish.

If you are a travel blogger or mental health blogger or work from home mom blogger, it makes no difference. There are other people who are looking at you and reading your blog and thinking “wow, I hope one day I am brave enough to follow my dream like they did.” And that is amazing. That is the kind of inspiration and impact you WANT to have as a blogger. They may not have the SAME dream as you, but seeing someone living their dreams has a way of helping other people realize theirs.

The BIG SECRET to having a BIG IMPACT? Pour yourself into your posts. Write from your heart. And take into consideration who your readership is and what they are looking to you for. 

The great thing is, the bigger impact you have on a single individual, the quicker your blog will grow. They will recommend your blog or share it on social media and then it could start positively impacting people who the post wasn’t even meant for. Talk about an AWESOME job or hobby to have.

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