13 New Releases On My Fall Reading List

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up with a good book and a blanket. You can read while enjoying a bonfire or snuggling up on your couch. I will be doing all of the above with these thirteen books below. 2017 has been a POWERHOUSE year for books, and we aren’t even near the end.

Also, several of these books I received through a monthly subscription through Book of the Month. Every month you get five different books you can choose from. You pick one book and they send it to your door! It is awesome. The best part, it is $10/month. And to add more books is just another $10. Most of these books retail at $15+ so it is a steal. If you are interested in Book of the Month, click any of the links in this paragraph (I only put a couple in –> here is where you laugh)! If you sign up for three months using my link, you get a FREE tote bag! Also, after each book I got through Book of the Month, I will label it as (BOTM Find) P.S. if you use my referral link, I get a free book ;).

  1. Sourdough (Released September 5, 2017): I am SO PUMPED to read this book. It includes nerdiness (the main character is an engineer), some drama (the brothers at the bakery she frequents have visa issues), and a coming of age revelation for the main characters (as far as I can tell). It hits all the right topics to make me swoon! (BOTM Find)
  2. Little Fires Everywhere (Released September 12, 2017): Another contemporary fiction that caught my eye IMMEDIATELY. Any book that has some Utopian aspect to it is automatically on my to read list. This is about the ‘perfect’ neighborhood. Until a woman and her daughter move in and shake things up hard. I loved Celeste Ng’s first book Everything I Never Told You so needless to say I have a feeling I am going to gobble this book up like turkey on Thanksgiving. (BOTM Find)
  3. The Dazzling Heights (Released August 29, 2017): OK, I AM SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS BOOK. This is the sequel to The Thousandth Floor which was the first book that was good enough to store nest to my Harry Potter books. For those who know me you know this is a BIG FRICKING DEAL. It was amazing. The second book just came out and I plan to read it in one sitting. This is a YA Utopian book where most of New York City is now in a 1,000 floor building. It is fast paced, dramatic, and just really fun to read. Add both books to your TBR pile STAT.
  4. Reincarnation Blues (Released August 22, 2017): Not going to lie, the cover of this book caught my eye before anything. Then I read the synopsis and kind of went crazy over how awesome this sounded. This is a book about reincarnation, and how we all get 10,000 lives to find all of the answers to life. We meet the character on his 9,995 life and follow him through to the end. This book sounds fascinating!
  5. You Are A Badass At Making Money (Released April 18, 2017): I read Jen Sincero’s first book You are a Badass and it was AMAZING. I learned a ton. She has an amazing voice and is really motivating. At the time, that is exactly what I needed. Now I am going to tackle her second book about making money and I cannot wait! No matter where you are in life or career, this is bound to be an amazing book with a lot of kick ass wisdom. Also, I just really love when people think I am a badass, even if it is through a book that I purchased.
  6. Stay With Me (Released August 22, 2017): This book sounds beautiful. Touching on true love and the outside pressures of society, especially those that believe in polygamy. I think this book will offer an amazing insight to a sector of the world that I do not know much about. This is a debut novel that is already making waves even in its first month being published!
  7. Fierce Kingdom (Released July 25, 2017): At first glance, this book did not catch my eye. I don’t know why. Then I started seeing amazing reviews come out and I gave it a second look. And now I am obsessed with reading it as soon as I can. It is a thriller about a woman and her son in a zoo. That is really all I know but what I do know is that I need to get my hands on this book. (BOTM Find)
  8. Fitness Junkie (Released July 11, 2017): This book sounds hilarious, fun, and dramatic all at the same time. It was recommended by Good Morning America and The Skimm. This book is about the pressures of being skinny in the wedding industry (obviously in a way more awesome way than I just said). Officially on the list. Seems like a great vacation or travel read!
  9. Goodbye Vitamin (Released July 11, 2017): A contemporary fiction novel told in diary format. This is a debut novel about an adult female returning to live with her parents after hitting a crossroads (and breaking up with her fiance). Reviews say it is ‘endearing’ and ‘captivating.’ Also one of my dearest friends devoured this book! (BOTM Find)
  10. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Released May 9, 2017): Interesting title, CHECK! Simple and effective cover, CHECK! Becoming a movie produced by Reese Witherspoon, CHECK! About a socially awkward woman who loves vodka and pizza, CHECK! This book hits all of the marks. I cannot wait to read it and neither should you!
  11. See What I Have Done (Released August 1, 2017): This is actually the pick for the book club I am in next month! A fictional book about a very real person, Lizzie Borden. This book tackles one of the most famous murders of all time, where Lizzie Borden killed her parents way back in 1892. To say I am excited to read this book and discuss it with my book club is an understatement!
  12. Little & Lion (Released August 8, 2017): A YA fiction about a girl who comes home from boarding school and wants to stay. Her stepbrother has just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and all of her friends are at home. An honest look at bipolar disorder with a YA and romantic twist. This book will not disappoint! (BOTM Find)
  13. One of Us is Lying (Released May 20, 2017): Touted as “Pretty Little Liars meets Breakfast Club” this YA thriller will be hard to set down. I plan to leave an entire afternoon free so I can read it in one sitting. I am afraid if I don’t schedule time in, I will just reject all other responsibility and read it all at once anyway. Love the cover and the synopsis! Five students go into detention, and only four come out. Be prepared for a roller coaster!

To say I am excited to read these books is an understatement. Now I have to decide which order I want to read them in! Just to be transparent, the books are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase  the book off of the link in the post I may get some money (at no extra cost to you). Though, this is not a sponsored post so all of the book are genuinely on my to read list this fall! I am going to be busy :).

While I would love if you would purchase the books off of one of my links, I also encourage you to use your local library! As you can see in my cover photo, I have several of these books rented from the library!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for these book suggestions, Amazon should thank you too. I had ‘Reincarnation Blues’
    sent to my Kindle today. Your description of the book got me thinking about the numerous possibilities that the book may present, kinda mind blowing……

    Keep gettin’ your blog on,

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