The ULTIMATE (and free) Blog Planner

The Ultimate Blog Planner is essential to your daily blogging life. This planner has everything you need to run your blog efficiently and effectively. Here is a low down of what you will get with this planner:

  1. An Awesome Cover
  2. Yearly Goals: Goals are super important to the success of your blog! If you don’t have goals, how are you supposed to work for something? Include a personal manifest, how you see yourself WHEN your blog is successful. Are you travelling full time? Feeling fulfilled on a mental, physical and spiritual level? Write it out!
  3. Quarterly Goals: Breakdown your big goals into smaller quantifiable goals in 90 day increments. Develop your goals as you go through the year and build on them every quarter.
  4. Marketing Plan
  5. A Blog Post Ideas and Brainstorming Page: Keep this close for late night brain blasts or inspired posts from events in your life.
  6. Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Schedulers: Keeping an editorial calendar is key to your success. Plan out your social media posts and schedule your blog posts.
  7. The Individual Blog Post MEGA LIST: you need this in your life.
  8. Tailwind Tribes Page, and a place to write down the rules of each tribe.
  9. An Affiliate Marketing Log
  10. Monthly and Yearly Expenses and Income
  11. Monthly and Yearly Statistics Logs
  12. Brain Dump Page

Whew. That was a lot.

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