The Cat’s Out of the Box (Spring)

Cat’s love getting into shenanigans. They climb in and out of things, especially in places they shouldn’t be. One of the most common places cats like to hide is in box springs: they are dark, can be warm, and it is very hard to find the cat in them.

On Dan and my second anniversary, we couldn’t find our cat Tinkerbell. We looked everywhere in a full panic. She is not the kind of cat to run away but we looked anyway, scouring the apartment building, ever corner, and even the outside. After frantically looking for her we looked in obvious places one more time, and when I looked under the bed more closely, I could see something protruding out of the bottom of the box spring. Sure enough, Tinkerbell was curled up in there the entire time.

Turns out Tinkerbell had made (or found) a hole in the box spring and decided it would be a great place to sleep. The safest way to get your cat out of the box spring is by luring them out with a treat or toy. Some cats are pretty stubborn, but don’t try to shake them out or grab them because they could get injured. If they are being really stubborn you can try gently pushing up where they are laying to wake them up and guide them toward the opening. Just be very careful so they don’t get hurt!

So now you have your cat out of the box spring. The next step is fixing the problem so they cannot get back into it. I would suggest putting your cat in their own room for a little bit while you implement the solution or they may just climb right back into their new nap spot!

Here are some options for keeping your kitty safe and out of your box spring:

  1. A Fitted Sheet: This is what we did. It was simple and something we already had on hand. Tinkerbell is fairly easy so for us it was as simple as putting a fitted sheet on the underside of the box spring and then putting the box spring back. Without the ease of having the hole there, she never touched it again. This could be a good (and cheap) first thing to try to keep your cats out of the box spring.
  2. Plywood: This is another fairly easy and cheap way. If you get a piece of plywood just lay it in the bed frame, there is no way for your cat to get into it, unless they tear through the sides, but that is pretty tough. Putting your box spring on plywood could reduce the life of the box spring, so you can use foam or felt to put a layer between the box spring and the wood.
  3. Under Bed Storage: This is a more expensive solution but could help fix storage problems as well as your cat problems. By putting in under bed storage, particularly one that goes all the way to the edge of the bed, the cats can no longer get underneath them.

Keeping your fur-baby safe is a top priority, so if they are hanging out in box springs and you want them to stop, utilize some of the above ideas for an effective way to stop them from ruining your bed. Cats are very creative and can be quite sassy so be sure to try to stay one step ahead of them at all times, especially if they are very curious!

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