5 Books For Plane Rides

Reading on a plane is its own beast. I always struggle to choose books to read on planes. I want something that is easy to read, but will last the entire ride. Something too heavy or dense will make me want to sleep. It has to be that perfect amount of intriguing, fast paced, and easy to read. Here I have compiled my favorite books that I have read on planes or while travelling.

A Study in Charlotte: This book took me back to my love of classic mysteries like Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys. It is a book about the high school ancestors of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. It is fun yet keeps your attention and has suspense as well. Every detail counts but it is not as heavy as some thrillers. If you like A Study in Charlotte, check out the second book in the series: The Last of August.

It Ends With Us: I read this book cover to cover in a four hour plane ride. It was intense and the content was heavy but the writing was easy and flowed impossibly well. Colleen Hoover’s writing in and of itself was addicting.

Britt Marie Was Here: Fredrik Backman is one of my new favorite authors. This book is endearing, sassy, and extremely well written. His writing is crisp and clean. The characters are unique with awesome character development and hilarious interactions. Reading this book is like watching a TV show.

Illuminae: This is an awesome YA science fantasy book that is told in hacked documents which include emails and transcripts. It is a long book and a bit bulky, but will definitely keep you busy throughout the entire ride. If you finish, there is a second book, Gemina, which is just as good as the first.

The Complete Persepolis: For the non-fiction fans out there, this is a book that changed my life. First, it is a graphic memoir and the illustrations take this book to a new level. This book is an experience. It is such a beautiful book and an amazing read.

Books are great ways to pass time while travelling. Having the right book can make all the difference.


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