Gear You Must Have to Fit in in Portland, OR

It is no secret that residents of Portland, OR (or really residents of any metropolitan area) do not like tourists. When I was walking around Portland I noticed some things that I am going to pass on to you to help you blend in while travelling to Portland, OR, because TRUST ME, that is exactly what I did NOT do.

Disclaimer: If you are awkward and loud like I am (and love to take selfies out in the open) then this list may not help you. This is a (somewhat joking, somewhat serious) list to help you camouflage among native Portland citizens.

    1. Nike (x10): Oregon is the birthplace and home of Nike. They have a sprawling campus located just outside of Portland and are major supporters of athletes in the state including universities, professional athletes, local events, and the Girl Effect (an international organization). Oregonians are proud that Nike calls their state home along with all of the history behind the company. I had the honor of taking a tour of their campus and now I see why they love Nike so much.  I was unaware of this when I stepped off the plane in Portland in neon green Saucony running shoes and UnderArmour leggings. If you are thinking that I stuck out like a sore thumb, you are very much right. Be sure to pack or purchase some Nike gear before heading out to the beautiful northwest!
    2. Patagonia: Nature and preservation is huge in Portland and Patagonia encompasses all that the people of Portland stand for. It is a company based on the outdoors and on respecting our earth. It is the only place I have been that has physical Patagonia stores (though I have never actively sought one out). We stopped in and it was a great experience, they had a little area for local activities and even had books by authors from the area or books about the area. Click the images below to check out some of my favorite Patagonia gear!

  1. 3. Day Packs: This is basically the only way I did fit in. I love day packs. They are my favorite and I carry one around A LOT. And let me tell you, day packs are very popular in Portland. People everywhere had them. Sometimes I feel awkward carrying a backpack into a store but not in Portland, it was the norm! Especially if you had a one shoulder sling. Naturally, I invested in another one, a Patagonia nonetheless (pictured below –> click the link to check it out), and felt right at home!

That is the main gear necessary to fit in in Portland, OR. When you are out there, don’t forget to adventure and go out of your comfort zone. There is so much to see and appreciate, see my post 4 Places You MUST Visit in Portland, OR to find some great adventures for your trip!

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