Brewed in Milwaukee: The Explorium Brewpub

Today Dan and I were down in Greenfield, WI in southwest Milwaukee County to meet with the woman making our cake for our wedding. After the appointment, we both thought huh, I am kind of in the mood to explore, so, we hit up the new Explorium Brewpub in Southridge Mall.

I know, it seems kind of weird that a brewpub would be IN a mall, and it felt weird to me because I have been going to that mall since I was little. But they had an awesome patio and the restaurant itself was clean and modern.

The hostess and our waitress were awesome. Kind, excited, and seemed genuinely happy to be there. The environment in the brewpub and on the patio was light, fun, and focused on community. There was an outdoor bar, fire pit area, and picnic tables with umbrellas to eat at.

Naturally, the first thing we did was order a beer. I got the seasonal Mango Hefeweizen and Dan got the I Love Gold Belgian Golden Ale. As we were waiting for our beers, two young girls were playing life size Jenga by the fire pit and when the blocks fell, everyone on the patio clapped and laughed and yelled Jenga. It was fun all around.

Our beers were awesome. The Mango Hefeweizen was definitely a summer beer without a ton of body, but something refreshing on a hot day. My favorite of the night was actually the I Love Gold Belgian Golden Ale which was Dan’s first and my second beer. It was crisp but had a lot of body and a nice aftertaste.

We were quite hungry so we ordered an appetizer: the cheese and ale dip. Boy, was it delicious. Bread + Cheese = amazingness.

Then, for dinner we could not decide what we wanted, so we each got an entree and split them. Dan got the ‘Sconnie Cheese and I got a Calzone with bacon in it. Once again, melt in your mouth delicious. There was no way to eat this food fast.

We sat, enjoying the beer, food, company, and great Wisconsin summer weather for quite awhile before we headed home to our ‘starving’ dog in need of her own dinner. Needless to say, it was an A+ of an adventure and one we will probably be repeating after such a positive experience!

This is just my review of the Brewpub, they did not sponsor this post. Look for more ‘Brewed in Milwaukee’ posts as I review and interview with other breweries in the area!

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