What I Learned in my First Year Bullet Journaling

If you have ever started or had a bullet journal you know that it is a process. It takes time and a lot of effort but it is fun and a great creative and productive outlet. It can make normal everyday things fun (because you get to color boxes in or check off lists) and can also be very inspirational. You can use it for anything from fitness to planning to budgeting to mental health tracking.

I have been bullet journaling for a year and here are some things I learned along the way. I am sure a year from now these will be different, but here it goes:

  1. The journal is yours. No matter what type of journal you get or who prefers what, this is your journal. So get what journal you want, design it how you want, and use it how you want. Pinterest and blogs are amazing places to get ideas and can be extremely helpful, but remember to make your bullet journal useful for you!
  2. Simplify the process. In my first journal I did not use modern conveniences like stamps or stickers. I meticulously drew out a map of the United States for a “states I’ve visited page.” It took me five hours. On my second bullet journal I purchased a stamp that did the exact same thing in ten seconds. Finding these efficient ways to BuJo save time and hand cramps.
  3. Stop making pages you don’t use. When I first started my BuJo I had a calendar and weekly layouts and habit trackers and budgeting.. the whole nine yards. I slowly started to realize that some of these pages were not helping me at all but adding stress to my life. I mean I already have a budget spreadsheet in Excel… so why put everything in twice? And I also already used my phone calendar. So I stopped making some of those pages. I still do my weekly layout, but it is for to do lists and goals, not for scheduling out my week or appointments. Don’t be afraid of changing what you have, that is what makes it fun and interesting!
  4. Rulers save lives. And most importantly, your ruler is your best friend. It will make your bullet journal neat and precise and makes it look great.

Most of all, have fun with your BuJo! They are a great creative outlet and are a ton of fun. Enjoy the ride, embrace the mistakes, and always keep learning and improving!

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