Bullet Journal Hacks for Non-Creative People

Ok, let’s be honest, I am NOT creative. I use hacks to make it look like I might have some small form of talent in crafting. I will never have one of those bullet journals that people envy for the lettering or sketches, that just isn’t me. Not going to lie, I am a bit jealous of those that do have that ability. But I have come to accept that I am not one of those people.

As such, I have learned to adapt to the creative world with my non-creative brain. So here are some great hacks I use in my Bullet Journal (BuJo) to make it pretty:

  1. Stamps: Any non-creative persons best friend. I use both rubber (think pink with wood) and clear stamps (the confusing ones that are clear with no back). They can be used a million times with a million different colors and still produce a consistent result. The downside is having a limited number of patterns or lettering styles to use, though the week and month calendars are great and never get old because they are always relevant.
  2. Stickers: Stickers are fun and bright and diverse. If you play sales right you can also get really nice stickers for fairly cheap. This is a great way to add color and style to your BuJo pages!
  3. Simple and Bold Lettering: If you do choose to go the lettering route, and I usually switch between stamps and doing the letters my self, doing big and bold lettering is great. It leaves a little more room for error. My favorite is making down strokes boxes and coloring them in. Otherwise you can just use a marker and thicken the lines up however you want to get different styles.
  4. Practicing: For new letters or spacing I always try to do a practice run, even if it is not complete. This helps me get comfortable with the style and let’s you figure out where your weak spots are.
  5. Pencil: For more ‘complex’ writing or drawing, I use a pencil first. I should probably use it first for literally everything BUT I get impatient and want to get to the fun parts.

Don’t freak out about messing up, this is your journal! If you did everything perfectly it may be spectacularly beautiful but not nearly as interesting. I love posting my Bullet Journal Bloopers on Instagram. The other day I accidentally stamped Alaska wrong into my US Map page… OOOPS. Stuff happens. Misspellings happen. It makes it fun and interesting.

WHATEVER YOU DO do not rip out pages! Tried that once and the way the journal was bound caused me to lose a whole chunk of pages, making the issue worse. If you make a fatal error, like stamping Alaska on sideways, just flip the page and start over. Sometimes I even draw a big X over the page for fun.

Just remember the Bullet Journal is yours to cherish and have fun with! If you have #BuJoBloopers I would love to see them, post them on Instagram and tag my_multifaceted_life.

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