5 Tricks for Getting Sleep on Sleepless Nights

Sometimes, no matter how tired I am, I still can’t fall asleep. Life can be crazy and fast paced and sometimes our brains and bodies have a hard time slowing down for much needed rest. Here are some tricks I’ve learned over my years of not falling asleep.

I don’t usually do all of them every night. And sometimes I don’t do any, but if you are having trouble sleeping or have sporadic sleepless nights, try some of these:

  1. Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature and humidity. I know this can’t always be helped but I have found that I sleep better with a cool room. Sometimes, I underestimate how impactful few degrees can be, but it seriously can make a difference. Whether you like it warm or cool, or a fan on or not, be picky when it comes to being comfortable.
  2. Put something cool and weighted on  your face. I love the feeling of a cold blanket on my face. I usually do not enjoy sleep masks but I found one with beads in it that I absolutely love. I use it at home and take it with me when I travel.  Check it out HERE. It is under $10, stays cool, and gives that nice weighted feel on your face.
  3. Soft Music. Not going to lie I was pretty skeptical of this at first and a little embarrassed to as my fiance if we could put music on at night. It wasn’t until my therapist explained to me that calming music can act as an override for your brain. So when you have a to do list or some worries running circles in your head, having music on forces you to focus on one or the other. I personally like piano so I downloaded a calming piano playlist onto my phone. I put it on shuffle because I found that when I listened to it in the same order every time my brain would go back to thinking about my to do list.
  4. Diffuser. This was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. My sister turned me onto diffusers a couple years ago and now they have become extremely popular. I have had the same diffuser for three years. It is fairly low maintenance and I use it almost every day. Check it out HERE. The essential oil you use in the diffuser is also important. Lavender is an extremely popular one for helping with sleep but I also enjoy one called Peaceful Sleep which is a mix of several types of oil.
  5. Stretching is my go to help for sleep. Every night before bed I stretch my legs, hips, back, and shoulders. It helps to get some of the kinks out of my body and let my muscles relax.

I hope these tricks help you get better and more restful sleep! They have definitely helped me on many a sleepless nights. It has taken me awhile to build this small but effective arsenal of tips, and hopefully it will keep growing.

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